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David Jaffe Confirms that Drawn to Death is a F2P Title

The creator of God of War, David Jaffe really turned heads when his new title Drawn to Death was announced in last year December.

While many of us found that the game sounded good, there were numerous criticisms that Jaffe faced and responded, well, in a not-so-conventional way.

The latest issue that sprung up with regards to the title was whether the game was going to come with a price tag or was it going to be free to play. It is the latter.

Jaffe, responded with a fairly elaborate answer in an attempt to squash out any immediate questions that one might have had about the kind of a free to play system it was going to have.

Apparently, the development team of Drawn to Death seriously detests the traditions F2P model “very, very much.” This means that you are, hopefully, going to get a less paywall-ed game:

We don’t like pay to win and we don’t like taking play mechanics away from Players simply to have them earn them or pay for them. That said, we LOVE the discoverability (as PowerofX says) of free to play and the very wide net it creates, allowing us to get many more folks giving our game a shot. We also love the idea of running a service based title, constantly staying engaged with the fans of the game and adjusting aspects of the game on the fly to allow the game to hit the game’s sweet spot.

With the number of people who own a PlayStation 4 and the ratio that always wants to keep a check on the free games, I think they are in for a good formula – if they can make sure that the game doesn’t end up being exactly the opposite of what he just mentioned up there.

Are you looking forward to Drawn to Death?