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Bethesda Softworks Making Appearance at E3 2015, Speculations?

Bethesda Softworks will be hosting its first ever E3 press conference at the Los Angeles convention center on June 14 this year.

While the company has yet to reveal what it has in store for us, rumors and speculations are already running wild. The most popular of the bunch is the anticipated announcement of a new Fallout title in the shape of a standalone Fallout 4 or a Fallout MMO. The last couple of years have been host to a number of rumors surrounding the post-apocalyptic series, each of which has been put down by the studio at every turn.

There’s also a chance that we’re treated to the announcement of a new Elder Scrolls title, following the release of the spectacular Skyrim installment four years back. However, seeing that we just received The Elder Scrolls Online, chances of that happening are a bit slim.

There’s also the possibility of seeing a remastered version of Skyrim for the new consoles. Seeing how the game is being worked on PC through its fabulous modding community, I’m sure the consoles circles would love to have their hands on a similar experience as well.

Let’s also not forget that Bethesda has Doom 4 under its wing. The last we heard about it was in 2013 and the news was not good. Doom 4 apparently has been struggling and caught up in ‘development hell’ due to mismanagement. This being 2015, it’s possible that the team has gotten its act together and we’ll be seeing how the game is shaping up at E3.

Dishonored was released in 2012 and was instantly pegged for a sequel following its outstanding reception. That’s another title that we could be hearing about this year.

Let’s hope that Bethesda reveals its schedule in the coming days. Of the lot, which announcement do you think will most probably break the internet?