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2K Games Wants Your Suggestions for WWE 2K16

2K Games has initiated the WWE 2K Feedback Project, through which it wants the players to inform them about what they want to see in the next WWE title.

The past few months have seen to eager fans trying to relay their feedback and suggestions to 2K Games through its various social media platforms. Today, the studio has brought out dedicated forums for the fans to voice their opinions on.

There’s no limit to what you can write and more details of what you want to see in the next WWE game is going to be highly appreciated.

There are several threads, including those for roster, gameplay, match types, online features, creations, MyCareer, 2K Showcase, and new features. You can browse through them here.

The recent WWE 2K15 release had several issues on which the community has been debating upon. One of the biggest gripes was of having few women wrestlers. Since the game doesn’t allow male wrestlers to be pit against the female ones, this left very few choices to pick from the women roster.

The game’s animations could be smoother. There were several bugs and 2K Games could do a more severe testing cycle to launch a game with a more smoother experience. There were also issues with the game’s DLC packs. You can read through all of the opinions of the players on the forum link provided.

This is an excellent step on 2K’s part.