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$20,000 Prize Pot Announced for Evolve Tournament

Turtle Rock Studios has announced an Evolve Tournament that will feature a mighty $15,000 prize money for the winning team.

Interested players can sign up in a team of four to compete against “some of North America’s best Evolve players” in an open bracket. Since the game’s only releasing this week, players are left with just under two weeks to hone their skills.

Registrations will close on February 21, the same day on which the qualifiers will begin. The top two teams will be flown to Los Angeles where they will battle against each other in a live streamed match against Chappie, the titular protagonist of the upcoming film. The winning team will walk away with $15,000, while the runner’s up will get $5,000.

Those who have played through the earlier beta testings of the game would know that Evolve is pretty fast to learn. With February 21 closing in, you can expect plenty of teams taking part in this tournament, which is an excellent way to bolster its community.

Evolve is from the creators of Left 4 Dead, where a team of up to four hunters go against a single monster controlled by a fifth player. The multiplayer shooter is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.