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Xenoblade Chronicles X will Also Support Off-Screen Play Using Wii U GamePad

Monolith Soft has confirmed that Xenoblade Chronicles X will fully off-screen play using the Wii U GamePad controller.

The confirmation came via Xenoblade Chronicles X Japanese Twitter:

Stating the reason behind this decision, the developer said that the feature was requested by the overseas fans. The developer also mentioned that at first they were worried how the certain things like battles and on-screen information will be displayed, but it turned out fine:

In related Xenoblade Chronicles X news, Nintendo recently presented 24-minutes long gameplay footage and also announced an exclusive Wii U bundle.

Xenoblade Chronicles is set on Mira, a hostile planet comprising of five continents. As the game begins, players crash land on this planet where the modern city of Los Angeles is established.

The game heavily focuses on exploration and the livestream showed a couple of ways using which players can access otherwise inaccessible areas. In addition to this, the game will feature 4-player online play as well as 32-player online interaction for trading.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is slated to launch on Apr. 29, 2015 in Japan and later this year in other regions.

Source: Games Talk.
Translation by: Gematsu.