This is How Dark Souls II Plays on PS4, Good Enough for another Go?

Dark Souls 2 is one of the most challenging and ambitious games of all time. Released back in 2014 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, the title is heading to current-gen consoles this year.

Those of you who already played Dark Souls II must be asking yourself, why should I play Dark Souls II again? Why should I grab another copy? The answer to your question is given in a new gameplay video posted above.

The video compares Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin PS4 to last year’s build of PS3. According to the footage, first reason you should play Dark Souls II is its full 1080p resolution while the second reason is 60 frames per second.

Both of theses features add some extra depth to the game’s visuals. Dark Souls II “looks crisp and vibrant” and runs smoother compared to the previous version.

On number 3 is new enemy placement which is done to keep the game fresh and challenging. So be on your toes and don’t expect enemies to be at the same place as they were before.

Moreover, Dark Souls II will still be very hard to play even if you mastered it before. Are you skilled enough to go through it again?

Lastly, you should play Dark Souls II again to “get on top of the game” and have that satisfaction of winning. However, this is not a hack n slash Devil May Cry like game. You will need to respect it and its gameplay mechanics in order to start winning.

Well, there you have it, are those reasons convincing enough for you to play the game again on April 7? Let us know in the comments.