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Rumor: Bioware’s Shadow Realms has Been Scrapped [Update]

Bioware has confirmed in a blog post that the game has been cancelled.

Original Story

It’s being reported that EA has closed up shop for Shadow Realms, an action role-playing title that was being developed by BioWare’s Austin studio.

Sources close to GameInformer have revealed that the project was more or less an experiment and in the end had to be scrapped for unknown reasons.

These sources have not been named and EA has declined to comment on the matter for the time being.

Shadow Realms was announced at Gamescom last year where we saw early impressions of the labyrinthine dungeon. Players in a team of four work together to over come traps and obstacles laid in a dungeon by the “Shadow Lord,” who is controlled by a fifth player. His job is to make sure the dungeon is not cleared, by placing monsters along the way, putting in obstacles to divert their course and laying down heavy traps to welcome death.

Information available on the game is scarce but it’s said that EA was planning on releasing episodic content with a major emphasis on story and narrative. It was supposed to release later this year for the PC.

After being done with Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare is now working furiously on a new Mass Effect title that we all are anxiously waiting for.