Life is Strange Episode 2 Leaked with Bugs, Devs Respond

Life is Strange got very decent reviews from its episode one which led to a greater level of anticipation regarding Life is Strange Episode 2.

However, someone went on to spoil the fun by leaking a buggy version of the episode two. While the genuine fans of the game met it with dislike, the issue has been pretty hot on Steam lately.

This was about to get more interesting thanks to the rumor mill that was already churning out allegations for making a glitchy game, but one of the representatives of Dontnod Entertainment took to the forums with an official response.

According to the developer, the Life is Strange Episode 2 that got leaked was a work in progress and it was definitely not the final product that they were going to give us.

The developer promised that tons of fixes were still to be made and that by the mid of March you will get a well polished episode:

We’ve seen the leak of later episodes of Life is Strange and it deeply saddens us that something we’ve invested so much time and passion into is available unfinished and not as we intended you to experience it. Please support us by ignoring the temptation to download work in progress code, we promise you there are still plenty of things we’re improving and polishing and episode 2 will be ready for release in mid-march.

I can understand what the developers are trying to say, it takes tons of hours and sleepless nights to make some thing commendable like this game – it is a shame that someone couldn’t resist the temptation until the official release.

Life is Strange Episode 2 will be out in mid March 2015.

While this one is not going to release until March, you can check out SegmentNext’s Release Reel for everything that is coming your way this week :