Dragon Age Inquisition: PAX South BTS Video Shows Making of the Game

Dragon Age Inquisition has won the GLAAD Media Award, the Game of the Year Award from DICE hand has, almost unanimously, been regarded as the biggest game of recent. What’s more for them to do?

Well, when you have marked a big success, it is time to show off how you did it and that is exactly what BioWare was doing at PAX South this year.

The developers held a panel where they has shared the story behind the scenes of the game’s development. Some f the core members of the development team sat together to discuss what they did, and how, to get us Dragon Age Inquisition look and feel like it does now.

In the video above, you will be able to watch the whole panel (it is one hour long!) where cinematic designer Frank Gordon, art and animation director Matt Goldman, creative director Mike Laidlaw, writing and design director Aidan Scanlan, and lead editor Karin Weekes discuss what they do best.

They talk about the shift to Frostbite, working with DICE, how they incorporated the story while trying to give you freedom of choice and even thing like how feature like jump work in the game.

It is pretty detailed, and if you are a die hard fan of Dragon Age Inquisition you are surely going to want to listen to them.