Contrast Developer’s New Game has Masks, Drugs, Memory Loss

It has been over a year since Compulsion Games released Contrast, the game’s noir atmosphere, concept and puzzles proved that the developers were going to be looked forward to for more titles.

People who liked the game have been asking about a sequel to the puzzle platformer but sadly, that isn’t happening right now.

Something else is though!

Compulsion Games have finally revealed what they are currently working on, and from what they have shared, it does look interesting.

The game in question – it doesn’t have a name yet – is going to bring in fresh ideas to play (as compared to Contrast) like memory loss, drugs and masks. The developers also shared a couple of artistic images that give it a nice and warm feeling.

blockquote>We have been asked a lot about what we are working on and the good news is that we’re just about ready to start talking about it.

Just, not quite yet. What we can say is that it’s not a sequel to Contrast. We haven’t ruled out doing one in the future, but after so long working on Contrast, we wanted to make something fresh. Something new and exciting. It involves masks, drugs and memory loss, but we swear it’s not a swinger’s party.

The image above shows some sort of a fictional city, more like a story land which I think I am going to like to walk around in, while the image below shows a maid carrying one of the key elements in the game i.e. a mask.

Contrast Dev's New Game 2

Since Compulsion Games have not shared enough about it, they have asked us to wait until next month.

Do you think they can do better than Contrast with this one?

Can’t wait to play some new games? Here’s Segment next’s Release Reel for this week: