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Capcom Online Shares New Details on Deep Down & Dragon’s Dogma Online

2015 is appearing to be a busy year for Capcom Online Games, according to an interview Famitsu conducted with Yoshinori Ono and Kazunori Sugiura.

Speaking of Dragon’s Dogma Online, Ono said that their primary focus lies in Japan, but foreign fans should rest assured as the game will indeed launch everywhere. On the other hand, Sugiura said that Monster Hunter Frontier G is still underway along with 10 unannounced titles:

As for Monster Hunter Frontier G, we’re leaving that to the development team and giving them a little distance. Development on at least 10 unannounced titles is underway, so we’re taking our time.

Ono continued that their current focus is on Dragon’s Dogma Online, but Deep Down is also being worked on and they may show something big later this year (E3 2015 maybe):

Dragon’s Dogma Online is first. We’re keeping a little quiet for now on Deep Down as we work on it, so please give us a little more time. We might be able to show off something big sometime this year.

And lastly, speaking of Breath of Fire 6, Ono said that they wish to create something that will satisfy both new and recurring fans as well as those who will play the game for the first time.

Sugiura, on the other hand, sounds confident that 2015 is the year when Capcom Online will put out its best releases:

I think 2015 will be the year where Capcom Online Games puts out its best releases.

Source: Esuteru.
Translation Credits: Siliconera.