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Bravely Second’s Full Title and Bonus Costumes Revealed

Bravely Default did really well in Japan and same is expected from the sequel Bravely Second. Since announcement, the sequel was without a tagline but that has now changed.

According to Square Enix, the game will now be known as Bravely Second: End Layer. Those of you who played the first game will remember that the tagline changed during the course of the game. Same might be the case this one and we might see End Layer change into End Slayer.

What gives more weight to this theory is that Square Enix stated that similar to the first game, the name of Bravely Second contains hints of the events of the game.

Moreover, the developers gave us a look at some bonus costumes. You can take a look at the costumes below. The story of the game will take you on a rescue mission. You will need to save Agnes Oblige, a character from the first title, who was taken by an unknown antagonist known as the emperor.

Some of the main characters in the game are Yu Zeneolsia, Magnolia Arche, Edea Lee, and Tiz Arrior. The above mentioned costumes are for these characters.

Bravely Second: End Layer is expected to tell us more about Tiz Arrior’s story. The title is expected to hit the Japanese Market on 23 exclusively for Nintendo’s 3DS. Those who want to see it on the Wii U should know that so far nothing has been announced.

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