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According to Metacritic’s 5th Annual Publisher Ratings, Nintendo is the Best

Metacritic has revealed its 5th annual game publisher ratings on the official website. These ratings determine which publishers released top quality games in the past year, based on critic game reviews.

In 2014, major publishers failed to deliver with their blockbuster games and most of the titles were delayed into 2015. However, in the midst of all the disappointments one publisher remained consistent.

The publisher in question is none-other than Nintendo, who is at 1st place on Metacritic ratings. The publisher brought us amazing games like Super Smash Bros., Bayonetta, Mario Kart and many more. Most of all, there games worked day-one and were not buggy messes like Assassin’s Creed Unity or Driveclub.

Nintendo released 34 unique titles last year with an average Metascore of 76.5. Back in 2013, Nintendo was at 4th place while Take-Two took the crown home. Hopefully, Nintendo will continue its performance this year as well.

Nintendo’s best game of the year was Super Smash Bros. Wii U, while the worst release was Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder for 3DS. The title could only manage a score of 49.

At second place, we have Ubisoft that released 21 unique titles. Just like a year before, yet again their best game is Rayman Legends while the worst performance in reviews was by Shape Up on Xbox One.

You check out the full list of publishers and their positions below:

1st – Nintendo
2nd – Ubisoft
3rd – Electronic Arts
4th – Sony
5th – Square Enix
6th – Microsoft
7th – Bandai Namco Games
8th – Activision Blizzard

For more details, you can visit the link posted above. Do you agree with these ratings? Share your views about the story in the comments.