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Xbox One Screenshot Feature Finalized, Will be Out “Soon”

It is funny how the Xbox One screenshot feature is one of the most requested features by people whoo own the console, but it has been delayed for almost a year now.

We reported as early as May 2014 when Phil Spencer took to his Twitter profile saying that the feature was among the things that they were working on.

It has been over nine months since that and at long last we have word from the Xbox head that they have finally achieved what they wanted to with the Xbox One screenshot feature.

Spencer tweeted an image of “Beat Drop,” an internal test game, that was being used to test out the feature – yes, that was the first working screenshot we have seen. He said that it was “nice to finally be doing this on my Xbox One dev kit.”

The image shows two options; you can press Y to take a screenshot or press X to record.

Microsoft has also planned a proper introduction to the feature as Spencer said that their “team will do a proper intro to the feature when it’s ready for preview. UI and activation is all debug right now.”

Later on he was asked when the Xbox One screenshot feature was going to come out in the markets and for the beta preview program. In his reply, he assured that it was going to be soon.

Oh and it seems Xbox really wants to push the official feedback website for gathering information in what they are doing. Phil Spencer mentioned it more than once in the thread.