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Writers Finalized for Ronald Emmerich’s Stargate Reboot

The Stargate franchise has had its share of difficulties in recent history, with the last adaptation Stargate Universe being cancelled back in 2011.

Since then, the franchise has laid quite low, but there have been talks of a possible reboot of the original Ronald Emmerich film from 1994.

The MGM and Warner Bros. owned property has finally managed to find writers for a film reboot, and the duo of Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods are being finalized for the task.

Ronald Emmerich will this time be directing the film, whereas the co-writer of Stargate Dean Devlin will be producing.

The duo are relatively fresh writers, but they do have experience working with Emmerich when writing for Independence Day 2.

The Stargate reboot is planned to be a trilogy, but for now Wright and Woods have only been tasked to write the first film.

The Stargate franchise has had its ups and downs ever since its introduction through the film. Shortly after, it was adapted as a television series in the form of Stargate SG-1.

The show ran for 10 seasons until it was finally cancelled due to falling ratings, despite its success and popularity for the majority of its airing.

Several other spin-offs were created such as Stargate Atlantis and Syfy’s Stargate Universe, but none could receive the same kind of critical response as SG-1.

The sci-fi franchise tells the discovery of a portal device that can create wormholes, which allow scientists and military personnel to travel to other worlds.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter