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The Witness Creator Jonathan Blow is Spending All His Fortune on This Project

Braid – the 2008 puzzle-platformer by Jonathan Blow was a global hit and showered money for its creator. However, back in 2012, Blow stated that he was investing all his fortune into his next project named The Witness and he was as serious as it is possible to be.

In an interview with Engadget, Blow said that Braid is still selling well, but two of its huge platforms (PS3 and Xbox 360) are ‘sunsetting’ which is why the income is not enough to fund the team:

Not so many people are buying digital games there (PS3 and Xbox 360). So the Braid income is not nearly enough anymore to fund the team. I have borrowed a bunch of money to finish The Witness. So I hope when it’s done, some people buy the game.

Since the start of its development back in 2009, The Witness grew from eight hours to about forty hours with 677 puzzles as of this very instant:

It’s a pretty flexible game that way. But if you solve all the areas, of course, you might get a little something extra. Or a lot.

Speaking of alleged similarities between The Witness and The Talos Principle, Blow stated that although the two games are quite similar, but they are about different subjects:

There are some similarities between The Witness and Talos Principle, but most of those similarities are on the surface. I think these two games are ultimately about very different subjects, and were made for very different reasons, and you feel the differences when you play. That said, it is likely that someone interested in one game may be interested in the other game.

The Witness is scheduled to launch sometime in 2015 for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, and iOS devices.