Silicon Valley Season 2 is Going to be Filthy: Watch Trailer Inside

Erlich and Danny are back, boys! If you have watched the first season of Silicon Valley you will surely be looking forward to Silicon Valley Season 2.

While the show itself is going to make you wait for another two months, I am sure this new promo trailer from HBO will be enough to bring back the love for satire that some tech geeks have.

Before you do ahead and play the video above, let me warn you that it is not going to be sober – but then, who would expect that. It is bad eating habits, saggy clothes, drugs and a lot of crude language.

Yeah, just what the doctor ordered.

The show is inspired by the experiences of co-creator Mike Judge from the 1980s, that tells us what exactly might have been going down in the Silicon Valley, the Bay Area or even San Francisco in general.

Anyhow, the it is just a little over one minute long and surely doesn’t give us any clue whatsoever regarding the story path that Silicon Valley Season 2 is going to follow. I think that will require a couple more of those trailers before the show officially begins.

Talking of, in case you haven’t marked your calendars already Silicon Valley Season 2 kicks off on April 12, 2015.