Nintendo 3DS to Get Low Budget Mobile Games, Says Iwata

Most of us – probably all of us – will love it if Nintendo just stopped being so possessive about their classic videogame titles and allowed for them to be made on other platforms like, say, mobiles.

However, they are adamant that nothing of that sorts will happen any time in the near future. What they are planning to support the dwindling profits of the company is to bring in more titles to their own platforms.

What titles? Well, according to what Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata has confirmed, you are looking at some cheap smartphone games that will be ported to Nintendo 3DS. Yes, exactly the opposite of what millions among us would have preferred.

Now we do love Nintendo 3DS and the company; we do respect that they want to keep those classics confined to their own platforms to safeguard their integrity and identity, but do you really think that bringing mobile games to the handheld will turn out to be a good alternative?

Regardless, Iwata-san was recently interviewed by Nikkei where he discussed the future plans of the company. According to what we have picked up, they will be recreating (and creating) games based on the old titles as well as other affordable games based on mobile titles.

They think that by keeping the development costs low, they are going to be able to sell the games for as low as a couple of hundred yen.

In order to bring customers to buy these new titles, they are also going to push free trials on a larger scale. This will hopefully give some recognition to the future games and eventually result in more purchases being made than usual.

Do you think this is the right strategy for the future of Nintendo 3DS?