Here’s 11 Minutes of The Order 1886 Gameplay, Spoiler Alert!

The Order 1886 has been in the news a lot recently. First it was rumoured to be only 5 hours long, which was later proven wrong.

Then, Ready At Dawn Released a Developer’s Diary explaining a bit more about the technology behind this game’s awesome visuals.

Once again, we bring to you more about The Order 1886 but this time it’s a new gameplay video. The video was posted on YouTube by a user named Lorenzo Tomei and the footage seems to be from a leaked copy of the game.

As expected from The Order 1886, visuals are beyond impressive but the whole video is narrated in Italian by Lorenzo Tomei. Don’t know why but he constantly keeps talking which at one point becomes really irritating. That’s why, I would advise you to turn off the volume in order to view it in peace.

Looking at The Order 1886, it’s hard to believe a game can look that good, but I guess that’s a common reaction every generation. Games are getting bigger and better with every console cycle, remember the good old PS1 days?

The above posted video might feature potential spoilers for you, especially if you speak Italian. You have been warned People!

The Order 1886 is heading exclusively to Sony’s PlayStation 4 later this month. The title is available for Pre-order at Amazon and Gamestop with an incentive of Knight’s Arsenal Pack.