Half Life 3 Unannounced Shows Freeman Wasted by the Wait

It has been over a decade since Valve released Half Life 2, how long would it have taken you to think that you are done with it and that it was time for Half Life 3?

I am sure it has been a while since that as well.

Naturally, such a wait has had its toll on the fans, but what of good old Gordon Freeman? The protagonist who has been through thick and thin with us in the past games? How would he be taking the seemingly endless wait?

In case you are wondering, the short film that we have embedded above is a really interesting depiction of what could have been the life of Freeman who has been redundant for 10 years and counting.

You see a bulging belly covered only with a dirt filled vest, a gloomy room with a TV that shows nothing – I am sure he is waiting for the announcement too!

The only interesting thing that the poor guy can do is catch and throw empty beer cans with the legendary gravity gun.

To be honest, if this doesn’t push Gabe to announce Half Life 3, I don’t know what will.