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GTA Online Double RP Event Being Held This Weekend

GTA Online is getting yet another special event, giving players a chance to earn double RP on select jobs part of verified playlist.

The playlist is question features 5 jobs as revealed by Rockstar Games:

Starting today and lasting through Sunday, February 8th – get 2X RP in the GTA Online Event Playlist of new Verified Jobs. The Playlist features a selection of 5 Jobs to try out from this week’s Verified selections.

You have until Sunday to earn double RP on the following jobs:

Bahama West Mama Mia!
This one is described as a very short, but tactical race that will feature a maximum of 16 racers. The action will go down near the “Bahama Mamas West nightclub in Del Perro.” The default vehicle class for this race is Sedans and if you wish to make the most out of this event, it’s best to stick with a Sedan for the race.

Border War
Deathmatches are my favorite pass time Grand Theft Auto Online. Border Wars will take place at the Grand Senora Desert. Power weapons long with explosives are easily available throughout the battle ground. Creator TRIPLE_extremo14 says it’s best to play this Team Deathmatch at “night with the rain pounding down to heighten the tension.”

Close Quarters LTS
This job is an “arena style LTS” that requires you to think and move fast. Creator Mat-Conman is asking us to “stick with the default setting of 4 Rounds since each Round is short and brutal.”

Contend: Zombie Town
One of Blaine County’s farming villages is infested with zombies and in the center of town; you’ll come across a “clown-infested circus.” Here you’ll be attacked by some knife-wielding creepy clowns and the creator suggests you use a sawed-off shotgun, during this Capture the Flag mission.

San Andreas Shootout LTS
Last but not the least is San Andreas Shootout LTS. It’s exactly what it sounds like, an intense shootout between the FIB and robbers. Both sides are armed with powerful weapons and explosives.

To get started, start playing GTA V and go to the “Event Playlist” on the Launch Screen or access it via “Playlists” in GTA Online.