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Bloodborne has Shields that Won’t Simply Allow you to Hide

I bet you have seen tons of videos of Bloodborne; but I am fairly certain that you are yet to come across one where the character is shown wielding a good old life saving shield.

While the game is being credited as a spiritual successor to the Dark Souls series, it has been missing out on this key element that all the Dark Souls fan cherish.

Don’t fret now though, because the game does really have shields; the developers probably didn’t feel like showing them to you so far. The feature was confirmed by none other than the game’s producer.

Masaaki Yamagiwa, of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio was in an interview recently where he revealed some new aspects of the game – including shields.

However, they are not the usual life saving shields that will hide you and protect you. In fact, if you try doing just that, you will be done with in a jiffy:

There are shields in the game. However if you’re always standing back and guarding, you’ll die very quickly. So you have to incorporate it into your strategy of how you play and fight.

The feature was detailed further by Yamagiwa who explained that they didn’t want the players to turn heels and wait in the hiding most of the time. What they wanted was more confrontations and more encounters with the enemy:

We wanted these encounters and battles to be so intense that If you just stand and wait, you’ll get overwhelmed and killed right away. We wanted to encourage players to not hide and wait, but instead be more aggressive and pro-active in battle.

So tell us, how would you like shields in Bloodborne when it releases in March?