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Better Call Saul Doesn’t Want to be Compared to Breaking Bad

AMC has mainly used the success of Breaking Bad to market the famous series’ spinoff show Better Call Saul, but they want to make sure that viewers don’t confuse it as a continuation or even branch of Vince Gilligan’s show.

Instead, Better Call Saul is better off treated as an independent show, which shares the same universe as Breaking Bad.

The 10 million fan-following of Walter White’s dangerous adventures would surely be mesmerized by the thought of an extension of the high rated series, but the pace of Better Call Saul will be slower.

Co-showrunner Peter Gould was quick to point this out.

“We have this glorious thing — a built-in audience that knows this character and that’s interested in the world of the show — but the truth is, this isn’t Breaking Bad.”

Previously, Gilligan and Gould had already made it clear that lead Breaking Bad actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will not be featuring in the first season. The two creators made the decision because they want Better Call Saul to stand on its own.

Gilligan understands that there will be comparisons, but he hopes that people would see it for what it has to offer, and not just because of its linking to Breaking Bad.

“Hopefully they will find enough excitement and challenge to this show where they will say it’s fun and they can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Better Call Saul will debut this Sunday. Be sure to check out the comic prequel for the show, which we’ve talked about here.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter