Want Some Survival Tips for Evolve? This Developer Video Will Help

Evolve is just a few days away from release and if you are looking to pick up a copy, you should be prepared to survive in the world of Evolve.

As we know, Evolve is a 4vs1 shooter in which 4 players play the role of hunters while the 5th is a massive beast. The goal of hunters is simple, take down the monster for good. On the other hand, the monster will have to do the same to hunters.

Surviving in Evolve isn’t an easy task, you will have to plan ahead and have an understanding of when to engage or flee the scene. If you play as the monster, it’s wise to gain some armour or look for a good ambush point. Surprising your opponent gives you an advantage of drawing first blood, this goes for not only the monster but hunters as well.

As a monster, if you start taking too much damage and are pinned down by the hunters, it’s advisable to run and find a safe spot to plan your next move.

As for the hunters, if you are the sole survivor on your team then don’t even think about taking on the monster alone. Wait for your other team mates to arrive via the drop ship before you engage.

Protect your medic because if the monster manages to kill him, saftey fields will be gone and the whole team will take extra damage. For more survival tips, check out the video above.

Evolve is coming out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC starting February 10.