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Unreal Engine 4 Based The Soul Keeper Gets First Screenshots

HELM Systems a comparatively lesser known development studio is working on a new action RPG of their own. The game is called The Soul Keeper and it is powered by Unreal Engine 4!

This was the first time we have heard of the game which is why details are scarce at the moment, but we do have the first screenshots of the game.

Check them out in the gallery below and tell us what you think of it.

Its funny how they couldn’t find a name that would be exclusive to them. The Soul Keeper has been used as a title for an iOS game in the past, it was called Dark Mysteries: The Soul Keeper though.

Not just that, there is a movie with the same name as our new game – I would have thought that may be the two are connected but the movie was released 11 years ago and is built around romance and drama.

There also is a book by G. P. Ching called The Soulkeepers, which, despite involving some supernatural and fantasy elements looks no where in connection with the totally unexplained game that we have at hand.

It would be such a nice thing to do if HELM Systems just loosens the noose and gives us some details on the game and its setting.

The developers have also not revealed the platforms for which the game is being developed. However, we know that it is going to be a role playing game and because of that I am sure we are at least getting a PC version.

Did you like the screenshots? What do they tell you about the kind of a The Soul Keeper is going to be?

Keep checking back for more in case they aroused your interest.