Total War Attila New Trailer: Hun Faction, Super Horses, Ranged Attack

The Creative Assembly has come a long way and it is now the time for those jitters that every developer gets when the release date looms above their heads.

We are less than a fortnight away from getting Total War Attila on our PCs, and that is all the more reason for the developers to release a brand new video showing off some new aspects of the game.

This one is going to showcase one of the factions to you, the Hun Faction. These guys are great at covering grounds quickly as compared to the other army men you have. This is primarily because of the the amazing horses that they have.

These super horses are faster than the equines because they are really short and agile.

Combine that speed with a great ability to make effective long range attacks, and you have a winner in the form of the Hun Faction!

Previously, they have shown us the Catalaunian Battle, the Viking forefathers, Barbarian Hordes and general gameplay videos.

Total War Attila is being developed as a Microsoft Windows exclusive, it is slated to hit the shelves all over the world on February 17, 2015.