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Tiffani Thiessen of Saved by The Bell to Host a Cooking Show

We might have been too young back then to watch (and enjoy) TV shows, but Saved by the Bell was a 90’s classic teen sitcom that one shouldn’t miss. If you know what I am talking about, you would like to know that one of the stars of the show, Tiffani Thiessen is now going to have a cooking show of her own – you might remember her from White Collar.

The show which is called Dinner at Tiffani’s is going to bring on celebrities and firends of THiessen as guests that she will be serving. It is also expected that she will try and bring together some of the cast members of the famous sitcom as well.

For instance, Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley aka Slater and Jessie are definitely coming on the show and you might also be able to see Seth Green, Jason Priestly and Lance Bass. Hopefully that is going to be just the start of a long list.

Saved by the Bell was the show that Tiffani Thiessen debuted on the screen with – and what a break it was! Ever since that, she has appeared on more than a couple of dozen shows on TV and starred in as many as eleven movies.

Out of all the roles that she has done on TV, the most recent ones are for Jake and the Never Land Pirates where she voices Misty the Wonderful Witch / Mermaid and White Collar where she has the main role of Elizabeth Burke. I am sure you will remember her after having seen her in more than 70 episodes!

Any how, tell us if you will be interested in watching Dinner at Tiffani’s, and also if you think Tiffani Thiessen should do a better reunion of the Saved by the Bell stars than Jimmy Fallon.