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Third G.I. Joe Movie Might Feature Twin Villains and MASK Character

The upcoming third entry for the G.I. Joe film franchise doesn’t yet have a name, but there are rumors surfacing already about some of the possible characters.

The modern take on the 1980s ‘A Real American Hero’ toy, comic book and cartoon franchise has had two films already, with the previous one being G.I. Joe: Retaliation, released back in 2013.

With a new addition in the works, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will be retaking his role as Roadblock, as he possibly tangles with the sinister twin duo of Tomax and Xamot. The two brothers, according to Film Divider, will play as one (or two) of the key antagonists in the upcoming G.I. Joe movie.

Tomax and Xamot are well known for their unique design as two telepathically linked twins who not only look like each other, but also complete each other’s sentences and dress up the same.

The only difference is that (at least the original ones) wear costumes that mirror one another, and Xamot has a distinct scar on his face that makes him identifiable. The two are the head of Cobra’s elite force spy assets called Crimson Guards.

Film Divider takes it to another level though by stating that in addition to the possibility of the twins featuring in the third installment, there is also a likelihood of Matt Trakker from M.A.S.K also making an appearance. The idea isn’t too farfetched actually, especially considering that Matt Trakker was released as a part of the G.I. Joe toy line in 2008.

For now, there isn’t any indication of when the third G.I. Joe movie will hit theaters, but if we were to guess, we’d say sometime early in 2016.