Nintendo Wants More Game Demos for 3DS

Nintendo is interested in having more demos for full-priced games on the 3DS, and also in having low-cost titles on the handheld.

According to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, such decisions will help the 3DS bolster its audience and in turn increase sales for the platform. Speaking with The Nikkei, he said that customers are more likely to purchase a major title on release, if they have played a demo of it earlier.

That notion cannot be denied in under any circumstance. Taking into account all that has happened last year in terms of half-baked titles that were released to pre-ordering customers, the option of playing the games beforehand is a big plus when deciding on purchasing.

Iwata is also very interested in re-creating Nintendo’s classic titles, like the recently released Box Boy in Japan. Since the design is already complete, it would be fairly inexpensive to re-create it on a whole new level. On the matter of low-cost titles, Nintendo is looking to the mobile platform for ideas and its offerings of good games on the iOS and Android systems.

via Nintendo Life