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Destiny’s Upcoming Patch to Nerf Auto-Rifles and Buff Pulse Rifles

Bungie has provided some details regarding the next update to Destiny that’s scheduled to go live later this month.

In a new blog post, game designer Jon Weisnewski said that the changes coming in the next patch are the result of reports and feedback taken from players, monitoring countless matches and conducting internal play-tests to gather data.

Plenty of weapons are getting balanced and here’s what you can expect in general:

  • Auto-rifles, designed for close to medium-range combat, are getting a nerf, seeing a base damage reduction by 2.5% in addition to a reduction in effective range.
  • Pulse rifles, which are among Destiny‚Äôs least-used weapons, will be getting a DPS buff of up to 8.7%.
  • Hand-cannons, or pistols, are designed for medium range and will be seeing a loss in effective range and initial accuracy.
  • Fusion rifles will see a wider blast radius making them slightly easier to use, but their starting ammunition will be reduced so players will have to hunt for secondary weapon ammo.

So far the patch has no intention of tweaking heavy machine guns, rocket launchers, scout rifles and sniper rifles. However, Bungie did mention that following the changes, players may find themselves picking up these weapons “as part of your combat strategy.” They might not be the popular picks right now, but post-release they just might be.