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Destiny to Get “Major Content,” Apart from House of Wolves

It is a fact that Bungie’s plan didn’t work regarding the quantity of content that Destiny gives you. Almost all the fans of the game (even the most notorious ones) accept and complain that there is way too less content to play around with in the game.

While this is a part of procedural releases that Bungie has planned, even the content they have announced for release is being regarded as less than what the game should offer.

However, things are about to get interesting. The only announced expansion pack of the game at the moment, The House of Wolves, is not out yet and we have have already picked up word that there are more to come!

It was revealed by publisher Activision when their executives were attending a conference call with the key investors yesterday that another “major content” release will come this year.

Now Destiny is not like Call of Duty which means that it is not going to get new games on a yearly basis; it is (so far) one game that comes with a long term content planning. For something like this to work properly, it is very important that the community is happy with how things are working.

I am sure that is what the developers had in mind when they decided to reveal multiple expansion plans for the game this year.

However, The House of Wolves is scheduled for a release in the second quarter of this year which means it could be as late as June. In accordance with that, it is probable that the next expansion pack of Destiny won’t be out until we are well into the second half of the year.

Do you think such a schedule for the future of Destiny is going to be met with appreciation?