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Call of Duty 2015 is in Development at Treyarch Studios

Alright peeps, its time for the big ones! The makers of Black Ops 2 are back at it this year; the next installment in the COD series is coming from Treyarch!

It is now official that the Santa Monica based subsidiary of Activision is going to be at the helm of Call of Duty 2015 development – or whatever they eventually decide to name it.

We had a feeling since a couple of days that Treyarch was going to go big with a news very soon. Only making an appearance to discuss zombies at the DICE Summit 2015 didn’t really fit in well at this time of the year.

So the publishers finally announced that it really is Treyarch that has been given the development for this year. The developers also took to their official Twitter profile with a short but interesting announcement:

COD in 2015 confirmed. We look forward to carrying on the conversation… that is, if we haven’t started it already. #InDevelopment

It’s not that we found Call of Duty 2015 to be one hell of a surprise, the game is now a yearly franchise and the confirmation didn’t really shock anyone. Also, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have had their respective turns at making a game in the series in the last two years, so it was Treyarch’s turn either way.

Nevertheless, it does feel good to know that the news is official.

The question I have in my mind is, what exactly do they mean when they say that “if we haven’t started [the conversation] already?” Is this just a reference towards the announcement Activision made about the same thing recently or is it something more?

Could it be that this is their way of telling us that Call of Duty 2015 is going to be some sort of a sequel to one of the mini-series in the franchise?