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Better Call Saul Episodes Announced Along With Comic Prequel

Breaking Bad’s spin-off series Better Call Saul is finally getting some episodes.

Two episodes will be released back-to-back on Sunday and Monday, and in order to get you set up for them, AMC has released a comic back-story for all the fans.

Better Call Saul focuses on the clever and highly-loved Breaking Bad character Saul, a not-so law abiding lawyer who does what he does best for morally questionable clients. He’s introduced in Season 2, Episode 8, which bares the same name as the spin-off.

The digital comic book is an extension of that episode, and explores the pretty cool relationship between Saul and Mike. Yup, that’s the same badass old Mike who has an extra-soft spot for his granddaughter.

The issue is called ‘Client Development’, and you can find it on AMC’s official website right here. It’s in your typical comic-styled art with similar smart-mouthed conversations and witty statements by Saul Goodman.

Breaking Bad was one of the most successful television shows in recent history, and for obvious reasons people will be encouraged to relive the happenings of Albuquerque, with the focus shifting to our favorite lawyer.

Source: Vulture