Ubisoft’s Grow Home Gets a Launch Trailer and is Now Available on Steam

Ubisoft’s highly ambitious project Grow Home is now available on Steam for just $7.99. The best part is, Ubisoft’s Uplay service is nowhere to be seen in the game.

The first time I saw Grow Home, it was a bit difficult to believe its developed by Ubisoft. The title is unlike any other game from this studio. It’s not a multi million dollar production, yet it’s a game that you won’t stop playing anytime soon.

Above, you can see a launch trailer for the game which shows the game’s simplicity and a unique concept. You will take the role of a robot, not out to destroy the world but save his home planet.

How will he do that? By harvesting seeds of a massive alien plant. Ubisoft is calling the robot a BUD, which stands of Botanical Utility Droid. As you can see in the brief footage, Droid will come across some floating islands that are home to some weird animals and plants.

Droid is aiming to grow the giant alien plant until it reaches 2000 meters. When it reaches this height, the plant is going to flower and produce seeds. Droid will collect these seeds in order to get back to his home planet.

Our BUD will have to climb up the plant, one wrong step and he will come down a long way.

Have you given Grow Home a try? If you haven’t, I would definitely recommend playing.