Tropico 5 Gets PlayStation 4 Gameplay Footage

Tropico 5’s latest trailer reminds us that the city-builder is still coming to the PlayStation 4, and will release later this year.

Posting on the PlayStation Blog, Producer Timo Thomas said that the PlayStation 4 version will feature special control schemes.

As an example he revealed that the management controls will all be mapped to the controller. The game has been confirmed to be running at 30 frames-per-second and at 1080p native resolution. Remote Play will be available with the PlayStation Vita and TV upon release.

His post includes details on how players will be starting their game as well, something that new players can take advantage of. More information has been promised to be revealed in the coming weeks. Kalypso Media will also be revealing the release date soon.

In Tropico 5 players fill the shoes of El Presidente who rules over the small banana republic of Tropico located in the Caribbean. The game is a city-building simulation yes, but it also places heavy focus on politics and other managerial factors.

Being unpopular amongst the people can have you voted out of power. Running your government right is as important as managing your people.

Tropico 5 was released last year for the Xbox 360 and PC.