This Week in Game Talk: Greenlight Games in Focus – Elventales, RetroBlazer, Slasher’s Keep, Lethis

2015 is brimming with both AAA and titles from small independent developers. To ensure you don’t miss out on anything worth your money and time, SegmentNext is proud to present Game Talk – a weekly online show wholly dedicated to indie games and why you ought to play them.

This week, starting things off is Sunless Sea from Failbetter Games. The game has left Steam Early Access and is going to be available on Feb. 6, 2015 for $18.99. But if you are looking for something darker, developer Blackfire has released a demo for Runestone Keeper – a dungeon crawler which is all about risk and reward in a Minesweeper-styled interface.

Another title you should definitely check out is RetroBlazer, a throwback to classic days of Wolfenstein and Quake. This fast-paced shooter is all about uncovering secrets, plenty of shootouts, and much more. Do check it out! It’s good.

And lastly, this week in Steam Greenlight approvals, we see Soda Drinker Pro getting an OK after a lengthy campaign. Featuring a glorious FPS design, Sode Drinker Pro is also coming to Xbox One via Microsoft ID@Xbox program.

Check out the featured video above for a brief glimpse at each title and more information! Also, don’t forget to tune-in every Thursday for more indie-mania.