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Sean Murray Discusses How Online/Offline Modes Work in No Man’s Sky

The developer behind procedurally-generated space-exploration game, No Man’s Sky, Sean Murray has shared some brand new information especially how online and offline modes work.

According to Murray, the game has been designed in a way that encourages its open-endedness. However, there is going to be a linear core game mode, featuring both a start and an end.

The game will also feature progression systems which will revolve around upgrading players’ spacesuits, weapons, gear, ship, and more. These systems will help a player earn more money and eventually reach the center of the galaxy.

The most interesting bit of information, however, is related to how online and offline game modes work in the game.

Murray stated that the game will not have any indicator when players are being surrounded by bots or other human players in spaceships. This is all that we know so far, but we’re expected to learn more about it in future:

These guys are AI, yeah. And, actually you won’t know if they’re AI or real players in the final game. It’s not a thing we’re going to mark, I think.

When asked how a player would know if a player is AI-controlled or human, Murray said:

You won’t. But they might get out of the ship and start moving around [on the surface of a planet], so then you would.

No Man’s Sky is expected to hit the store-shelves later this year on Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

Source: Eurogamer.