Persona 5’s Theme is an Emotional One, Director Talks Development and More

Katsura Hashino, Director and Producer on Persona 5 has released more information about the upcoming sequel through both the official website and Famitsu.

In regards to the recent trailer release of the game, Hashino is anxious to know what fans think and how they reacted.

On the game’s official website, he stated that Persona 5 was made with the intention to stand out amongst the crowd, and it would be pleasing to know if they had succeeded by just knowing if the fans were able to pick apart the footage.

If we get people to stand up and take notice, especially in terms of the overt thievery and what we’re paying homage to, then we’re on the right track. As long as there’s something that gets everyone even just a little existing, I’ll be content.

This is a game we really want to walk the walk and we hope from the bottom of our hearts that it’ll leave a mark on people after it’s all said and done.

Speaking with Famitsu, Hashino said that the game’s development cycle has been going pretty smoothly and at the moment the team is busy expanding the various elements, coming ever closer to the “finish line.”

The theme of the game takes an emotional page from everyday life, where people feel like they are stuck in a moment and unable to move forward. “That dark side of society is a central pillar to the game we want to make with Persona 5.”

The game intends to give such people “a little courage” to keep moving forward and to face obstacles head on. If such an intention is successfully conveyed by Persona 5, Hashino believes they would have done their jobs to their liking.

The interview is long and there are other minor factors he has touched upon as well. You can head here to read it all.