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Nintendo Could Release Gold and Silver Variants of Mario Amiibo

One of the ongoing trends among gamers is collecting Amiibo figures, and Nintendo has been releasing them in waves over the past couple of months.

Nintendo recently revealed Super Mario Bros. series amiibo figures which, among others, includes Mario. The figure was seen in the usual red Mario outfit but it seems Nintendo is planning to release Gold and Silver variants of the same figure.

An eagle-eyed NeoGaf user spotted these variants in CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) Certificates.

Nintendo hasn’t officially revealed anything yet, so details are a few at the moment. The certificates were posted on Nintendo’s own website but they are no longer available on the page.

It’s also unclear how will Nintendo distribute these variants. Are these two exclusives or a part of giveaway? We have reached Nintendo for clarification and will update the article accordingly later-on.

The Super Mario series of amiibo are being released next month on March 20th. The upcoming wave includes Mario, Luigi,  Bowser, Peach, Toad and Yoshi.  Like previous waves, this one will also set you back $12.99 per figure, interested buyers can pre-order at Amazon.

It’s highly possible that we’ll hear something regarding Mario Gold and Mario Silver in the coming weeks before the release of Super Mario series amiibo.

Will you be picking anything from the coming wave of amiibo? Let us know in the comments!