H1Z1 Player Made Fight Club Offers Prizes for Fighting on Gunpoint

Alright so the day started with something really creative – cruel, but creative. We stumbled upon a YouTube video made by H1Z1 players who wished to add a twist of their own to the already tense world of H1Z1.

The fear of zombies and the living villains was not enough for some players, apparently, and it seems that they have started creating their own “fight clubs” – Brad Pitt style.

For instance, there is this “Bambi Fight Club” which brings to fight two newly spawned players by putting them on a gunpoint.

What’s the catch? Well, apart from the fun time they spend hunting new players and cheering then for survival of the fittest in the purest form, it also offers prizes to the winning fighter as well as freedom.

In the video above, you will be able to see all of this and more in action.

Fight Clubs are not something new to H1Z1 like open world games, and if you have played any in the recent years you would know that Rust and DayZ have their fair share too.

While it is not something new, it still gives the players of the new post apocalyptic survival game another activity to keep them busy for a while.

Are you a part of the H1Z1 early access? Did you bump into the Bambi Fight Club?