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Grey Goo Performance Issues Being Fixed As We Speak

You might have encountered some performance related issues if you have been playing the newly released real time strategy PC game, Grey Goo.

While the game has received acclaim for what it has to offer, the experience has been marred by technical issues in some of the areas; but worry not, the troubles will be gone soon.

Like all the good development studios, Petroglyph Games have jumped in to respond before things got nasty at the community pages. Mathew “Berek” Anderson the community manager of the developer responded on a thread where the issues were being discussed.

He assured that a fix was being worked on although it was taking unexpectedly longer, in fact they are also asking you to help find solutions:

Hi guys! I wanted to pop in here to give you an update. We ARE working on the issues, but it’s taking longer than expected, obviously. We apologize about that. The best thing you can do to help us out in finding solutions for these issues is to please submit your DXDiag and specific case to [their support page]. The more information we have on all of your systems, the more appropriate solution we can provide. We’ll update you asap on what’s next.

That is not the only response that came from the game makers. Grey Box’s Associate QA Manager, Mike McGehe also reassured the complaining fans that “an official patch will be released soon” and that they “appreciate your patience.”

In case you are interested in trying out the game, here is the launch trailer to make up your mood.

Grey Goo is a PC game that was released exclusively to Microsoft Windows on January 23, 2015.