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Dying Light Multiplayer Co-op Tips For PvP and Be the Zombie

TechLand’s zombie-survival, Dying Light is more than Dead Island with a sprinkle of Mirror’s Edge. The game has a full-fledged multiplayer component, featuring co-op campaign and co-op challenges. Furthermore, its bonus game mode ‘Be the Zombie’ offers a PVP kind of environment where players are tasked to invade one another’s home bases.

In this piece, I’ll cover everything there is to know about Dying Light multiplayer mode. If you’ve any queries, throw them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you!

Supporting up to 4 players, the game’s co-op element works seamlessly. Any time during the campaign, players can decide to look for specific games or select Quick Join for swift matchmaking. Once the game begins, 4 players will be able to complete quests, challenges, and crack some zombie skulls like normal. There are also several competitions and survivors to rescue.

There are also a bunch of Achievements and Trophies to earn. I’d recommend coordinating with your teammates to let them know what you’re up to. However, one of the best things about playing the game in co-op mode is bonus XP (Power XP to be exact). Hence, if you’re looking to Power Level your character, in terms of Power XP, playing co-op is your best bet.

Throughout a co-op session, your mini-map displays the locations of all players in a session. In case a player wishes to join a quest, he/she will be unable to do so unless the remaining 3 players join it too. This, however, doesn’t work when all players are trying to join different quests.

Tip: Friendly fire is disabled by default, but explosions and fire damage doesn’t count.

Coming to rewards, dead zombies drop loot for everyone in a party, but the same can’t be said for XP. Even if you didn’t strike a hit to a dead zombie, you’ll earn some loot, but not so much XP. One of the best way to acquire XP is to heal your co-op partners. Players also receive bonus Survivor XP for healing other players. The amount of acquired XP depends directly on the Level of wounded player:

  • Level 1 – 10
  • Level 2 – 33
  • Level 3 – 50
  • Level 4 – 100
  • Level 5 – 150
  • Level 6 – 200
  • Level 7 – 250
  • Level 8 – 300
  • Level 9 – 400
  • Level 10-24 – 500

Lastly, I’d also encourage supporting other players by dropping weapon, crafted equipment, and anything spare at your end.

Coming to Be the Zombie Mode, this gives a certain flavor to the game’s multiplayer component. BtZ is sort of a PVP mode where you set up your own game so that random players can’t join and begin attacking you. As for the player who enter your crafted world, they’re transformed into Night Hunters – creatures who attack your home base and try to throw you out.