Dark Souls 2 New NPC ‘The Scholar’ Finally Discovered

Yesterday, Dark Souls 2 received a major patch that brings updated lore and a new NPC called The Scholar.

The patch is available across all platforms and the most notable change is The Scholar. This new NPC can be discovered by everyone, even by those players who have beaten the game.

In case you are interested in finding him, The Scholar appears in the Black Gulch. You must defeat The Rotten and find a small entryway at the end of the boss fighting arena – near the DLC entrance.

You will also come across him in other locations, but I’m not divulging them and ruin your exploration fun.

Tron Cat has created a short YouTube video showing The Scholar conversation. Check it out and share your impressions with us in the discussion box below.

Important: Do note that the video in discussion contains potential spoilers.

For complete patch notes, check this post!

This is only cool thing that has been discovered so far following this patch, but I’m sure there is so much more to discover. If you, by any means, come across something, let us know in the comments below!