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Call of Duty Zombies Were Regarded as a “Disgrace” by Higher Ups: Treyarch

Just like we reported earlier, the event being teased by Treyarch in the recent days was a discussion by the studio head Mark Lamia where he discussed inside stories behind the development of the Call of Duty Zombies mode.

While they are now a part of the game that everyone is super excited about (from the publishers to the developers and from the old timers to the rookies), it was not the case when they were first being developed by Treyarch.

This was revealed by Lamia when he was talking about the difficulties they faced in bringing the idea to life. In fact he said that “some people in the franchise leadership were totally opposed to zombies and a zombies mode, and they thought it would be a disgrace to the franchise.”

Yeah, look how far they have come.

Technically, Call of Duty Zombies is something that shouldn’t even be there in the game because it was a task that the development team took up while it was still unapproved and while they were behind the deadline on other primary aspects of the game.

It was really an endeavor they undertook secretly!

What Lamia meant to say was that everything happening at that time suggested that he took a decision and scraped the idea. Thankfully, he went with his gut:

And there were some inside the leadership of the studio felt that I needed to make that decision right then or totally jeopardize the development. I almost did, in what would have certainly been one of the biggest mistakes of my career. We made the right choice to follow the fun, follow the passion and bet on a dedicated team.

So, do you think that the franchise would be where it is now if Call of Duty Zombies mode was not even a thing?