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Bravely Second is Getting Tiz Arrior As New Playable Character

We are closing in on the release date of Bravely Second; and with every passing day, the fans of the series are getting more and more excited about what the game is going to bring for them.

So here we are with another bit of juicy reveal. Looks like the new playable character that the game is supposed t get, isn’t exactly “new” after all. According to a story done by Jump magazine, the playable character in question is going to be Tiz Arrior.

Yes, that is the same guy who was the protagonist in the original game.

People who have actually seen the story say that n image of Tiz was also shown in the magazine where he certainly looks a lot different form the way we remember him.

Not just that, Tiz seems to have control over some kind of a Magical power in Bravely Second too. This was evidenced by the picture where he seems to be holding a ball of light in his hand.

From the look of him, the good old boy has now grown into something that is almost evil and definitely much more fierce than before.

Other details that were shared by the magazine include the introduction of a new job that is called Guardian and some new system about which details are really scarce at the moment.

Bravely Second is being developed as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive by Silicon Studio and Square Enix who will be unleashing it on the handhelds on April 23, 2015 in Japan.

How excited are you about being able to play Tiz again? Or would you prefer some really new characters?