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The Order 1886 5 Hour Long Playthrough Rumor Debunked,Trophies Leaked

Since yesterday you might have read that a PSN user completed The Oder 1886 in just 5 hours. The user who goes by the name wMikkel within the digital walls of PSN, was the source of a leaked trophies list from the game.

The data was posted to PSNProfiles along with a timestamp of almost 5 hours. Online publications around the internet immediately took it as a confirmation that The Order 1886 can be completed in 5 hours.

I’m sure many fans like me were disappointed to know this and were having second thoughts about getting the game. The title has no online multiplayer, so all it has to offer is an intense action packed campaign. Ending things in just 5 hours could potentially be a disaster for The Order 1886. However, rest assured, the game isn’t that short at all.

wMikkel himself came forward to clear things up. He said that  he played the game for a while before getting his first trophy which started the timestamp.

To clear things up.
A lot of buzz around my completion of the game.
I played the game a lot before earning my first trophy.

He didn’t mention how long exactly it took him to complete the game but he says the time isn’t 5 hours. Now the question is, how exactly did he get a hold of a copy weeks before the game comes-out?

He explained:

Usually at the PlayStation office, we get promotional copies prior to release. These are also the ones that are sent out to the media.

wMikkel isn’t the only one who played the game. Another user on Neogaf named Verendus who is considered an industry insider, claimed that it took over 10 hours to finish the title.

It took me just over ten hours to finish the game. I’m sure there are some freaks on GAF who’ll manage to do a very quick playthrough, but I imagine most of you normal folks are going to fall along where I did.

Ready At Dawn’s CTO Andrea Pessino also replied to a fan and assured that this rumor is  not true. That’s comforting to hear and should clear any doubts about the game’s length.

As for the leaked trophies list, check it out below:


  • Between the Eyes: Kill 100 enemies with a headshot
  • Undivided Attention: Kill 25 enemies during Blacksight
  • From the Hip: Kill 25 enemies without aiming
  • Box Your Ears: Kill 15 enemies with melee attacks
  • Snuffed Out: Kill 7 enemies with silent takedowns
  • Gunslinger: Kill 75 enemies with pistols
  • The Hunter: Kill 10 Lycans
  • Up in Flames: Incinerate 15 enemies
  • Archivist: Collect all phonograph cylinders
  • Well-read: Inspect all newspapers
  • Detail Oriented: Inspect all photographs and documents
  • Power of Observation: Inspect all objects
  • Discombobulated: Stun an enemy 30 times with the M2 ‘Falchion’
  • Highly Volatile: Detonate 10 powder kegs


  • Brilliant!: Shoot an airborne grenade during Blacksight
  • Inspector First Class: Find all inspect items
  • Collateral Damage: Kill 3 enemies with a single explosion
  • Modern Marvels: Kill 40 enemies with science weapons
  • Well Rounded: Kill an enemy with every weapon
  • The Marksman: Kill 5 enemies with a headshot during Blacksight
  • A Knight No More: Complete the game (any difficulty)


  • The Grail: Collect all trophies