Splatoon Will Feature no AI, Skill-Based Matchups, No Online Communication

The lot that is currently working on Splatoon includes many developers that have previously worked on the launch titles for the Wii U.

The news, as well as plenty of more information on the colorful shooter, was revealed through the latest edition of Japanese magazine Famitsu. According to the recent article, the developers wanted to create something innovative, after having grasped the ins and outs of the Wii U hardware. This specific team is working on a local multiplayer mode, in addition to the online and Hero Mode.

Online battles will be conducted through random matchmaking across the globe. The game will match players according to their skill levels, which in turn is based on ratings. The system will ensure balanced play across the field.

It was also revealed that at one time Nintendo tried adding a system through which players could give orders to their team mates. The end result though was fast-paced battles that proved too hectic to be fun. The system was then scrapped entirely.

There will be no AI fighters and matches will only commence once all eight players have been found. There is no communication with players you are matched with – though it remains to be seen if voice chat will be allowed when playing with friends.

Finally, a lot of the music is written by Toru Minegishi, who has worked on Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Super Mario.

Source: NeoGAF