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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Monster Design, Animation Discussed By Director

Games in the Monster Hunter series are some of the most addictive titles out there. Players can spend hours slaying beasts without even realizing how much time has passed.

We all have our memories of defeating giant monsters and crafting items from their remains to defeat even bigger creatures.

How many of us wondered what goes on behind the scenes during the creation of such mythical monsters? How do they design these creatures?

Speaking in an interview, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate director Kaname Fujioka explained, that the first thing they do is determine a monster’s behaviour. Through this, they give clues to the player on what tactic he should use to slay this giant beast.

We give clues to players on how a monster may act based on its various expressions, and emotional and behavioural states (such as alarmed, enraged, exhausted, etc.) We plan for the monster’s behaviour first, so we keep in mind things such as distance between the player and the monster, logic behind the monster’s behaviours, and so on.

For example, in the case of Gore Magala his emotions change during Frenzie Mode compared to standard emotions. That’s why “additional development is needed to plan for this amped up state.”

Gore Magala will attack more aggressively in Frenzie Mode, this will indicate players that it is time to shift their tactics.

Moreover, with the advancement in technology more emphasis is being put on cinematic quality. Fujioka explained:

In the past, it was mainly about texture details and simple mapping for shadows but recently, mapping advancements can enable changes in reflection and transparency of lights, rendering surfaces, and other complex textures. In animation, it’s also become possible to make complex changes in real-time expressions. The vertical terrain in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has also benefitted from the advancement of this type of technology.

The development team wants to make sure they give players an immersive experience in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate while keeping balanced game mechanics – lets hope they succeed.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will come out in the west next month exclusively on 3DS.