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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Could Be 30 FPS, 20Hrs Extra Gameplay

Warhorse Studio’s Kingdom Come: Deliverance was one of the successfully backed projects on Kickstarter last year. The game managed to grab €1.45 million from the backers and since then managed to amaze many with what it has to offer.

The RPG is being developed using CryEngine 3, which became its course of amazing visuals. Details about final resolution and framerate are yet to be shared, but it seems director Dan Vávra prefers 30FPS over 60FPS. This indicates that the final build could feature 30 FPS.

Speaking in an interview, Dan Vávra explained:

We did not set ourselves any goal and I personally think that it’s better to run at 30fps with more details, than to have 60 and uglier visuals. I am a graphics whore! If we were making a racing game, it would be different, but in the case of an RPG, I think a richer environment is better.

It’s unclear how lengthy this game is going to be but according to Vávra, it will now be 10-20 hours longer than originally planned.

This could be due to the inclusion of a new area “spanning a few extra square kilometres.” Moreover, during the same interview Dan Vávra shared his disappointment regarding Dragon Age: Inquisition. His statement will surely surprise many, but here’s what he had to say:

I played Inquisition. I was really looking forward to play it, but I was little disappointed. It’s very generic and static world. Quests are mostly simple MMO-style generic tasks. It has its strong moments, but it’s very far from what we are trying to achieve.

Do you agree with Vávra’s statement on Dragon Age? And do you think 30FPS will be the right choice for Kingdom Come: Deliverance?