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Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Maguuma Jungle Zone and Mastery System Discussed

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is taking us to depths of Maguuma Jungle. We were recently given a look at the wilderness and some minor details were also shared.

Now, lead designer Isaiah Cartwright shared more about the new zone along with some tidbits about Mystery System. Cartwright said that this area is divided into three zones, where “different areas of the game will weave in and out of these different biomes.”

One of these is the canopy, top level of the jungle littered with “pieces of the destroyed Pact Fleet and so you see lots of vines and newly destroyed airships and things like that.”

Next is the jungle floor with dense plant life and where you will have to deal with a number of things living there. Then you’ll go down to the roots of this jungle where you’ll know what “lies beneath.”

The vertical design of this new zone adds a variety to its Mystery System. There are new ways of traversal, such as hang gliding and you can also interact with Mushrooms; that’ll offer you access to new areas and vantage points.

Speaking about the Mystery System, designer David Webb revealed how Mystery System points will help you learn more about NPC races:

We have some new NPC races in the world,” he said. “One of them is the Itzel and when you meet them or start earning points in the Mastery System you can start learning some of their language. By doing that, that might unlock things that you weren’t able to access before, like possibly vendors or things like that.

ArenaNet’s goal is to create a game with a long life-span that players can enjoy for years to come. They are yet to reveal a release date for Heart of Thorns but it shouldn’t take long before its announced.

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